Saturday, June 20, 2009

victor/victoria: why did i watch this?

...because it was on the new york times top 1000 films of all time list. on my flixster reviews, one of the phrases i most uttered was 'yet another question choice on the MYT top 1000' and by questionable i mean, 'why the crap is this on here?' VICTOR/VICTORIA is definetely one of those head scratchers. why would anyone think this should be on any definitive film list? its not even that daring sexualwise for 1982. maybe it was 10 years earlier it would have been contraversial but it just seems a pedantic for the time and right now, it seems horribly dated.

this film was almost a total waste of time. lesley anne warren was very entertaining and was underused.


this is one of those rare days where i spent the entire day watching movies. this happens maybe once or twice a month. i love these days. get up, watch movies, exercise, watch more movies. seeing as this week i was out seeing concerts past midnight and then waking up for work i think i needed a day of decompression. the concerts? phoenix (AWESOME!) matt and kim (good but ive seen better shows by them)