Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the greatest movie ever on the subject of noodles and their proper preparation into soup

when i think of very good east asian food movies, i think of ang lee's the wedding banquet and eat drink man woman. both films are excellent mediations on love and food (though the latter is more food based). the italians have long held the title for best movies that integrate food. tell me you werent hankering for some pasta after fellini's roma or goodfellas (scorsese is italian!).

there is a reoccuring bit on opie and anthony (US radio show) making fun of italians and their passion for food.

'the best part of the cow is the asshole.'

that always makes me chuckle.

what was i talking about? oh yeah...

great movie!

oh. i need more words. so, the movie was about a tribute to food and the zen of cooking, eating, preparing and most of the film is absolutely hysterical. there are some great little scenes seemingly unrelated to the story; my favorite of which two lovers who are obsessed with food which begins with a hilarious 9 1/2 weeks sex-food sequence.

tsutomu yamazak plays a john wayne like character with cowboy hat and ascot (he wore an ascot...check out hatari!) and a young ken watanabe plays his sidekick of sorts

anyway, i loved this film. it was adorable and highly watchable even for the non foreign film people out there