Saturday, June 20, 2009

unnecessary sequel time!

as a huge fan of the original, i was shocked and dismayed when i discovered that there was not only a sequel being made to donnie darko but without the core of the original and without richard kelly. and to show my dismay and anger, i rented s darko: a donnie darko tale with no expectations whatsoever. what resulted suprised me quite a wasnt that bad.

dont get me wrong, when compared to the original, it is an abonmination of film but i would say that s darko is vastly superior to just about every mainstream horror/sci fi film to be released in theaters in the last year. this is most a statement on the sorry state of the genre than the superiority of s darko.

this film reminded me a bit of the man from earth, another sort of well written and entertaining though horrifically acted piece of sci fi. s darko was definetely not as good though. briana evigan deserves the megan fox award for pretty bad actress (oooh second megan fox cant act reference today! awesome!)

the film wasnt nearly as thought provoking, intelligent, emotive, provocative, or genre bending as donnie dark but we all knew that but it was a decent piece of sci fi fluff. it is another time travel/change the future and past thing. meh, i was entertained.

there was no way this movie was going to please people and i think if you compare to donnie darko, you will cry your insides but if you go into it thinking of it as a tribute to donnie darko and a side story on a similar idea it will be easier to watch and you may even enjoy it a bit.