Sunday, June 21, 2009

the bride that wore black...and killed everyone but bill

truffaut's the bridge wore black has drawn a lot of comparisons to kill bill which is understandable. a bride's new husband is killed and the bride hunts down the 5 people that were responsible and systematic kills them all. she keeps a list and is driven by revenge. that does a bit kill bill-ish but tarantino doesnt like truffaut or the french new wave and i believe him. kill bill was maybea bit of truffaut but it was also spaghetti westerns and toyko nikkatsu noir stuff and shaw bros kung fu and female empowerment movies from the was a lot of things.

what was i reviewing again?

i have seen a bunch of truffaut movies and i generally like them though for some reason i didnt like the 400 blows. go figure.

the bride wore black was very hitchcockian and rightfully so; it was a tribute to him in fact and a great tribute it was. you can see it in its longshots and tracking shots and what hitch film would be complete without a sexy leading lady and though i dont find jeanne moreau usually sexy, she is in this one.

this is a great movie and possibly one of truffaut's best and im suprised it doesnt get as much acclaim as the doniel films or day for night, it should. it is inspired and a devilishly clever film with a great ending