Sunday, June 28, 2009

a movie i shouldve liked ill just talk abotu the oscar expansion a bit

what can i say about beaufort? not too much. it was nominated for a best foreign film oscar in 2007 and has been languished on my instant watching queue for about a year (only honeydripper is ahead of it now). not much to say about it. it was a bit long and definetely a kinda plodding. i thought that the story had potential but i was never really taken in by the conflict. i normally like dark semi tragic war tales and from israel no less! oh well. cant like every movie


The Oscar Expansion

a lot of movie purists like this one and a lot of movie fans dont. whats good about it? it will allow more mainstream stuff to get attention which is good. last year, another 5 slots would have allowed stuff like wall-e and the dark knight to get nominations. also, it might allow more foreign and lesser indie films to get some attention. with 10 last year, the visitor and waltz with bashier would probably have been gotten nods.

whats bad about it? the main thing that comes is having another 5 people come out and talk about more nominees for best picture. the review of the films nominated for best picture is one of the least interesting parts of the oscar ceremony followed closely behind by the rest of the broadcast as a whole.

overall, im going to reserve judgement until i see what is nominated. hopefully, it will quiet some of the idiot populace that say that the oscars have gone too indie (which is a ridiculous argument as the oscars are supposed to award the best films of the year not the most popular. there are plenty of chances for transformers to win awards at the other inane awards ceremonies but i digress).

one can only hope that the hangover is nominated for best picture. please let zach galafinakis (sp?) appear in another oscar nominated film




the first one was into the wild...yeah he was in that