Sunday, June 28, 2009

late period godard, post 3

finally! one that i liked! Godard's 1985 Detective was irreverant, silly, and the music was absolutely fasntastic. of course, this was the same period that godard did je vous sale marie and passion. i think what i loved most of this film was emmanuelle seigner's breasts which were featured a lot. second was the always enjoyable jean pierre leaud. i think what gets me is leaud's to conviction to nonsensical roles.

leaud did some daring movies. not just truffaut's stuff but godard's weekend, eustache's the mother and the whore, and most notably rivette's out 1. the latter made absolutely no sense but leaud was there and acted up a storm. leaud also shows some much passion in his roles and almost a self referential humor that also seems to say, 'i dont really know whats going on either but im going to act with a flair'

the movie detective made little sense and the plot was very loose. something about a 2 year old murder and a boxing set up but that was intentional. godard loved a loose plot and a lot of extemperaneous talk unrelated to anything. there were also great 'yes you are definetely watching a movie' moments in this (repeated use of filming a camera filming the action in the hotel while agfa ads blink in the distance is the biggest of them). also, much like weekend, godard loves showing calamity in the part of the screen and people acting absolutely normal in the other.

this definetely is not among his best but with a resume as extensive as godard, it is a certainly a worthy and superior effort in his already impressive canon.