Friday, June 19, 2009

formed a blog! i formed a blog! look at me, i formed a blog!

i nearly called this thing 'i formed a blog' but i reasoned that an art brut song is a good descriptor of a snooty film blog. over the last decade or so, ive always talked the thousands of movies ive watched on my facebook or myspace or friendster (remember that!?) but with the rapidly changing technological face of technology (yup.) something needed to change. that was when my smart and sophisticated and elitist snob friend melissa suggested finally starting a blog. within moments, i came up with a name and off i went.

this is going to be a lot of movie reviews charting my progress in every film of the they shoot pictures starting list of 7000+ films, the new york times top 1000, the essential cinema list, and any other film canon i decide. however, i also love asian horror films and random other stuff that isnt on those lists so im going to talk about. also, ive been to almost 750 concerts since 1995 and i will on occasion talk about indie rock or things about music that irritate or enthral me.

so, off we go. finally, a blog. yup, if i started this about 10 years it would have been really cutting edge but hey, i was too busy watching movies.