Sunday, June 21, 2009

2 english films

its time to play six degrees with powell/pressburger's night ambush (aka ill met by moonlight) and tony richardson's the entertainer. easy. roger livesly was the title character in powell/pressburger's life and death of colonel blimp and in the entertainer he is billy rice, olivier's father in the entertainer.

neither film is that great. powell/pressburger are one of the greatest writer/director teams in history and tony richardson was a very capable director who did his fare share of classics (lonliness of the long distance runner, taste of cherry). neither of these films are that great though

as for the entertainer, if it wasnt for olivier and livesly, the film would be a total waste of film. suprise, it was on NYT's top 1000 list. as for night ambush, it aired on TCM as part of a powell/press day. i never saw it and since their films are pretty rare, i take any to part one of their films on TV. it was pretty boring despite the presence of dirk bograde one of my favorite cool swinging 60s english actors.

yeah, neither film was that great but hey, im going to review everything i see.

both films get 2/5

i named this post two english films...a play on the film two english girls, a film by truffaut which was my last review

im going to play wii now