Friday, June 26, 2009

late period godard part 2

Helas Por Moi is the worst late period godard i have seen. i will say that it is beautifully shot and there are some fantastic memorable scenes and wonderful use of natural lighting. but what does it all mean when the story is so esoteric!? i know that godard really didnt want to make films for people to enjoy but passion was amazing to watch and to experience. it was like watching art and film collide into our strange gel. and je vouz salie marie was a near masterpiece in theme and style.

i would not have had any idea what this movie was about if i hadnt read the plot 20 minutes in. apparently, depardieux is god. literally. maybe? he plays a man who is inhabited by god...i think. yeah, i was not impressed.

i will say that the bonus featurette on the disc 'godard: an enigma wrapped in a mystery' has a few good critics offering their incite on this strange enigmnatic but undoubtedly brilliant (and pretentious) GOD of film.