Saturday, June 20, 2009

late period godard, post 1

i am going to be posting a lot of reviews by godard. one of my cinematic goals for this year is to immerse myself in his later works. i saw keep your right up (ugh), in praise of love (meh), and forever mozart (ugh) and so i didnt have high expectations when notre musique arrived in my lil red netflix envelope. it is widely known that in the 70s godard stopped making conventional films and started making stuff for radical groups and film schools. for him, cinema became way more experimental. so, going in you need to realize that you probably arent going to enjoy his films.

that being said, i love kiarastomi and his films are very experiments. i think godard's late films are a bit too out there for me and i think he has become too obsessed with turning people off to his work. or i need to tap out. anyway, like most of his later period films, it involves a lot of philosophy, images of war, and not much of a plot. the first ten mintues of our musique are remarkable but afterwards, i was drifting quite a bit. as always, the camerawork is amazing.

next up is detective (woo! leaud!) and woe is me. incidently, i recommend godard's experimental stuff from the 60s like le gai savoir and les carabiniers