Saturday, June 20, 2009

these three v. the childrens hour

both of these films were based on the same lillian helman play but until this week, ive only seen the childrens hour the unfortunately hammy and heavy handed audrey hepburn vehicle. i love audrey hepburn. i even named my cat after her but she did make some awful films (green mansions anyone?)

TCM showed these three and it was a definite improvement on the remake. i love merle oberon though and think her beauty is incredible and exotic. what else could a welsh and an indian person create but a beauty? another positive addition to these three is the great joel mccrae one of the awesome dapper tough guy / guy's guys of the first half of the 20th century. perhaps the most impressive addition for me was bonita granville. she played the busybody/bitch that wrecks the lives of the two ladies who run a girls school. she claims she saw some homosexual goings ons (which she didnt) but the damage was done. she is one of my favorite obscure actresses of early sound film. she was nancy drew peoples!

im going to break out of michael --- film guy for a moment to interject


im definetely a gay friendly dude (yay for gay marriage and gay rights) but i am extremely hetero and love girls. so regardless of what i sound like on this blog, i just want to clarify. just because i like nancy drew films...

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bonita granville rokzed. what a little nosy bitch! love her! anyway, these three wasnt fascinating but a good effort from william wyler and definitely deserves a place in film history

the childrens house - 1/5
these three - 3.5/5

ps walter brennan cameo! GOLD GOLD!