Monday, August 10, 2009

why do i bother with horror films?

i know im going to be disappointed. i am consistently heartbroken by everything in american horror films. the giant plot holes, the horrible acting, the anti-scares, and the overall mehdome associated with it. i didnt know that MIRRORS was based on a K-horror film. if i did, i never would have watched it in the first place as i have no strict no remakes policy.

this lump of crap was directed by alexandre aja, who did haute tension, a movie i couldnt stand and the 2006 remake of the hills have eyes, the only film that was bad enough to give me a migraine.

what was wrong with this? besides keifer sutherland's interesting take on 'acting'...

horror film set up the scares. we all know when something scary is going to happen. what i like about asian films is that they dont do it as much. something spooky and creepy will happen and you will be like, 'holy crap! that was scary! whoa!' american films will go, ' it comes...this is going to be freaky...wait for it...BAM! oh yeah. bet youre pretty scared now!' by the end, no one is shocked and im just a little dead inside.

also, in asian cinema, the ghosts are usually just misunderstood beings crying out and they get turned into crazy blood machines in american versions. in mirrors, said machine is a schitzophrenic girl who communicates through mirrors and other stuff happens. bleh.

yeah, i DVRd this and even a brief nude scene from amy smart couldnt make this not a total waste of time.