Sunday, August 2, 2009

dont rate a movie before youve seen it...

when i started ticking movies off the list of bests website a years ago, i ticked off some films and rated them as 'worth or not worth consuming' before i had actually seen them. i didnt want to bother watching deliverance or the elephant man. as it turns out, i had confused the elephant man with mask (which i still maintain im not going to bother with) and deliverane with a gay porn (there is only one scene of sodomy! not the whole thing). when THE RIGHT STUFF popped up on the theyshootpictures top 1000, i ticked it as not worth consuming. i reasoned that i watched it at some point or at least parts of it. i had not. and when i watched it today i realized that the entire simpsons episode where homer goes into space was a big homage to it. in reality i confused the right stuff as a movie about dancing or music not a sweeping biopic of NASA from its infancy to the first space missions. im glad i finally watched it. it was quite good. the source material was a thom wolfe book, who is definetely one of my favorite authors of all time. and the film was a bit long, it was without a question worth consuming.

i learned some things about the space program

a. not all the monkeys sent it space were killed. one came back!
b. the eary astronauts were hot shot flyboys
c. ed harris probably never had hair

what did i learn about the movie the right stuff?

a. it was a film about music, dancing, or sports
a part 2. it is not a film about new kids on the block
b. not all epic movies from the 80s were duds
c. oh oh ooooooh oh oh oh oh oooooooh oh ...the right stuff

so, i learned a lesson today about life and about the space program. successful day overall