Sunday, August 23, 2009

can nick and nora's infinite playlist be officially declared THE hipster film of the 00's?

as an unapologetically indie hipster originally from NYC, it is no shock that i love NICK AND NORA'S INFINIET PLAYLIST. after watching it a second time, i only have more appreciation for this wonderful little gem of a film. perhaps its the NYC oriented soundtrack of vampire weekend, the national, bishop allen (granted, they took their name from a street in central square in cambridge, mass), and we are scientists, whose song afterhours so well permeates the feel of the film. perhaps its a great, subtle (of course) but also sometimes heartfelt and dramatic performance from michael cera and a suprisingly heartfeltkat dennings! OR its the supporting cast and numerous cameos from andy samberg, john cho, and seth myers. yes. its all of these things and of course, the seemingly endless number of new york indie landmarks. this is the new york city of my youth with the bowery, mcarren park pool, crash mansion, and a quick shot of katz's for those who enjoy the jew food (me...even though there are way better delis and katz is definetely now more touristy than anything else).

this film will always be intrinsically linked to the time and era. after all, michael cera, skinny jeans, and hoodies are pretty much standard issue indie fashion now. its for all these reasons, this film should be considered the benchmark for late 00's. much like how john hughes films captured the essence of loner/geek culture of the 80s, nick and nora does so for the geeks now.

im really suprised that this film hasnt really found much of an audience yet because it really is such a sweet fim. i think in due time nick and nora will develop a legacy. people need some time to latch on to the essence. stylistically, the film is shot a little darkly and in soft colors which is not unaccessible. the camerawork is almost a bit cameron crowe-like and even maintains the naviety and the innocence of his films. given that crowe's films take a while to find their niche, it follows that nick and nora need a couple years to win over more fans.

until then, ill enjoy the tweedom of it and kat dennings little erratic head bobbing when michael cera asks if its her dad's studio...

btw, where's fluffy isnt a real band. so all you stupid faux indie jerkfaces claiming that you love them...i know its a lie.