Thursday, August 20, 2009


as a diligent and dedicated filmie, its a yearly tradition to see all the critically hailed films of the previous year. and since i have no connections in the movie business and have a full time job unrelated to film, this is usually completed some 3 years after the year in question. since lately i have been watching things that have been collecting dust on my netflix instant queue (ill get to you eventually in the bedroom), i finally saw the french thriller TELL NO ONE.

since you people apparently like it when i describe the plot and not just link IMDB, the film is a murder/mystery. basically, man's wife is murdered. 8 years later, man receives mysterious message from supposedly dead wife. meanwhile, bodies are discovered on his property and husband becomes a murder suspect. cue intrigue, suspense, and twists.

i was all ready to review this movie but the following link was sent to me:

this articles details kitten huffing and while completely made up, it is making me laugh a hell of a lot and i am finding it very distracting to continue writing.

ok, we shall press onwards.

tell no one won a crapload of cesar awards and is all ready to remade into a medicore american film.

so, why was it so great? first off, the soundtrack was brilliant and consisted of mostly american R&B songs from the 60s save for one important U2 song. it really sets the mood and the ambiance beautifully. second, the flashbacks were perfectly orchestrated and despite flipping time periods a few times, all remains easy to follow and completely succinct. third, the genuine love story between the two leads was fantastic. in short, it was a perfectly executed and realized mystery thriller action film a la Taken.