Monday, August 31, 2009

RECENT WATCHING week of august 31st

in between watching an entire season of mad men, i found time to watch a bunch of movies as usual.

MOBY DICK (1956)
typical dull 1950s adventure adaption. this needed more special effects and a less crappy looking whale but gregory peck was pretty good as always

not a comedy. not in the least. a decent drama/coming of age movie but a bit disappointing. jesse eisenberg continues to prove he is the poor man's michael cera and kristin stewart continues to prove she cant act.

innocent cute mexican movie from last year about a heist to rob a rich jerk; similar to the failed TV show knights of prosperity (quality show btw). enjoyable watch with some some twists, laugh, and good acting

fascinating doc about the army taking senator joseph mccarthy to trial after he pressured the army to give special treatment to a member of his investigative staff. a scary and interesting look at the tail end of mccarthyism

danish miniseries directed by enfant terrible lars von trier before directed before dogme 95. a spooky and affecting hospital comedy/horror/drama

cute and at times, clever indie comedy with emily blunt and amy adams running a crime scene clean-up service. often entertaining but nothing special

a derek jarman experimental film that features tilda swinton. fascinating. ill talk about jarman after i watch a few more of his movies