Sunday, August 2, 2009

more recent watching

touchez pas au grisbi: fantastic french noir by jacques becker. outstanding comeback role for jean gabin...may get a full writeup soon

the haunting in connecticut: not awful, not that great...the most you can ask from an american horror film

while the city sleeps: awesome fritz lang/dana andrews film noir from the 40s

ashani sanket: satyajit ray film about the indian's government man made famine of the 40s? powerful but a bit dull

a tale of springtime: boring eric rohmer film from his comedies and proverbs series

a great day in harlem: awesome documentary on a photo

bottleshock: well intentioned film about the early days of cali wine but ultimately not satisfying and makes you crave wine

cria cuervos: interesting spanish from the 70s...ill probably write this up. not amazing but a somewhat fascinating film