Saturday, August 15, 2009

This week's recent watching

i watch a lot of movies. too many to write up individual blog entries and for the most part, i cannot come up with inciteful things to say for most of them. so here is a recap of my recent watching.


stunning direction and cinematography but a lack of consistent action and wonder mires these two late fritz lang "masterpieces." while worth watching, i prefer moonfleet or any of his late period nors over this

i could have this and the above a joint film entry but i wasnt blown away by any of them or have any strong opinions. this film is an interesting early post WWII german film indicting the crimes and attrocities of the nazis. definetely interesting from a historical point of view

what the name, it was written and directed by michael ian black and while not up to par with his comedy in general, its a decent and often funny rom com. i think if they gave him more reign over the script and casting, it could have been better

as frustrating and unsatisfying as the book. this isnt a bad thing. i just want to see what happens next. probably the weakest of the potter films but in all, this is just a set up for the last one

strong performances from penelope cruz and ben kingsley in this indie drama but the film itself is really dull and drags incredibly.

documentary about animator robert crumb. he is weird. the doc gets this message across pretty well though nothing earth shattering.

nikita malakhov's interesting reimagining of 12 angry men changes the tone of the original film/play. instead of 1 man arguing for a guy's innocence, it appears that the jurors are grasping at straws and believe some far fetching things to be convinced of a chyechan teenager's innocence. interesting film that deserved its oscar nomination

in the past ive rented every asian horror movies that appears on netflix. with this film, i think im going to stop that practice. this was a complete waste of time

im 30 minutes into this 70s car film with jeff bridges and im profoundly uninterested. yet another highly questionable choice on the new york best of list