Sunday, August 23, 2009

RECENT WATCHING week of august 22nd

one of the more unique war movies ive ever seen. stuart cooper along with kubrick's DP made a film out of 30 minutes of new film and 60 minutes of war footage supplied from the english imperial war museum. fascinating though a little boring at times

samantha morton's best role and her career has been filled with some amazing ones. i loved this bleak, scottish drama that is as dark as the drama is terse. wonderfully subtle with great director from lynne ramsay but this is morton's show

tom wilkinson's performance was not short of breaktaking. its too bad the rest of the film was dull and pretentious. i dont see what the big deal was. i really dont.

another imamura nikkatsu from the 60s but this one wasnt nearly as good as the films from the pigs and battleship box set that came out earlier this year. i was mostly bored with this but thought the pervision and social commentary was pretty bold for '66.

the only feature film by french commercial/advert director remy belvaux before he commit suicide. this is a curious picture about a documentary crew filming the actions and crimes of a surreal killer. a blacker than black comedy of manners (does that sense?) and a curious watch but definetely didnt need to be feature length as presented.

this is a german (duh) psychological drama/thriller about 20 average people who volunteered to take part in a simulated prison experiment for 4000 marks. 12 are guards and 8 are prisoners and shenandigans ensue in this sharp and well done film.

alright...thanks all for now. district 9 and inglorious bastards coming soon