Wednesday, July 22, 2009

a woman's face and nora prentiss: scaldering film noir of the 40s

i made up the word 'scaldering.' its an amalgam of smoldering and scalding.

that out of the way, i saw a couple 1940s film noirs recently. NORA PRENTISS and A WOMAN'S FACE. Both of them are ever so smoldering! in nora, the dame is ann sheridan and the other one, it is none other than joan crawford.

plot of nora prentiss: mild mannered doctor falls for mysterious singer, people end up dead
plot of woman's face: disfigured woman falls for doctor (or doctor's friend), gets hired as a nanny, people end up dead

i love noir. so much mystery and intrigue.

joan crawford was really not a very attractive woman but she was a hell of an actress and would have made a great transvestite. ann sheridan is awesome. detour!

both of the films i consider pretty much run of the mill 40s noir cinema. a bit dull and hammy at times but overall, enjoyable watches. there were a couple great scenes. in woman's face, there is a particularly harrowing scene involving a boy climbing around a moving coal mine ski lift sorta thing. and in nora, are a couple gratuitous musical numbers. i know how noirs will randomly throw in a song ever now and again; usually perfectly matching the plot! funny how that works out.

i think that is actually all im going to say. tired. writing mumblecore over and over again took all my blogjuice out of me.

::shutting down::