Thursday, July 16, 2009

[rec] -- what a nice suprise!

im not a fan of the 'found footage' movie that was popularized by blair witch and blown up by cloverfield and quarantine. the latter of whcih was based on a spanish movie called [rec] which was released on DVD this week. directed by jaume balaguero (who did the attrociously written but well directed darkness).

i naturally expected nothing from a random foreign horror film but in the end, flesh eating zombies speaking in foreign languages lead to love. it was written in the bible and it still remains true to this day.

manuela velasco stars in the lead role and is adorable. she is profoundly cute and i dont even care that she was running scared for her life most of her time but the first 20 minutes when she wasnt covered in blood, she was totally hot.

there isnt really a lot of new stuff going on in this film but it was well done and a nice enjoyable/scary watch. and of course, there will be great zombie (the fast kind) gnawing on flesh awesomeness.