Wednesday, July 8, 2009

hey look, its jean reno! and he's playing a french guy!

LE FEMME NIKITA has been languishing on my netflix instant watching q for about 8 months now and it kept getting passed over by "more in demand to me" films like honeydripper and the house bunny (review soon). after watching it today, i can only wonder why i waited so long. this flic was freakin' cool! way cooler than point of no return or the USA network series though peta wilson is way hotter than anne parillaud.

if you get beyond the 80s synth soundtrack, this is just as hip and relevant as any action movie released today. after all, isnt the cold blood killer genre a never ending source of cool looking shit? of course it is!

i liked the plot of it quite a bit. drug addled punk is arrested and pretended to be killed and then recruited a secret government killer. training montage NOT included though. sad. but other than that, a top notch actioner.

jean reno is in this as is a law with any interntional famous french film. he and his perennial bad ass self play 'the cleaner,' a character not unlike harvey keitel's the wolf in pulp fiction. also in this is instantly recognizable jeanne moreau. i go back and forth as to whether or not she is attractive. sometimes she is (les amants, the bride wore black, this). sometimes she isnt (virtually anything else especially time to leave ::shudder::)

im glad i finally got to see this and have something to compare the remakes to. i really would like besson to make more films. he is so over the top but it totally work for him. the fifth element was astoundingly bad and silly but it was still AWESOME!

next up on the long time on the instant watch q, bottleshock, night of the iguana, and eyes wide shut. misenmeh -- only the most relevant of film watching