Friday, July 3, 2009

criterion docs part 1

a few weeks ago i watched for all mankind. this was the first criterion doc ive watched. there arent many but they all seem interesting so i put a bunch of em on my netflix q and started. the first one i watched on this new endeavor was hearts and minds, a scathing indictment of the vietnam war made in the mid 70s.

yeah, it was good but it was a bit too slanted to be taken seriously. that was at least the first thought i had on the film and i really thought about it; it was supposed to be slanted, right? so, one can make the argument that was one of the first films to present a subject and really point in one director. the vietnam war is pretty unanimously looked at as a mistake and a horrible waste of american lives. and since it was made in the mid 70s there was a startling immediance to its message.

so obviously this sort of film is what michael moore makes. he is a director i never really liked not because i disagree with his politics (i actually agree with a bunch of em) but in the way he interprets a documentary. he makes subversive films that are designed to sway his viewers towards his opinions rather than present an issue and let the viewers decide.

hearts and minds is better and makes a more realistic and even subtler argument against the vietnam war. this is what guerilla filmmaking should be. peter davis. not necessarily michael more.