Thursday, July 2, 2009

when you dont like a movie youre supposed to like...

youve had that situation before. you are watching a movie that for all intents and purposes you should love and now only are you not enjoying you are hating it. you feel bad for liking something that normally you would go crazy over but for some reason, its just no happening. i guess that this is the joy with free will; you are free to like a diverse set of movies.

im not talking about broad stuff like baby mama or kung fu panda that for the most part everyone liked. im talking about a personal favorite genre that you love and devour everything in existence. maybe you love quirky love stories that interweaves suicide, familial issues, and ghosts (wristcutters?) or dark indie dramas that interweave suicide, familial issues, and (metaphorical) ghosts (in the bedroom?).

for me, i love sparse scandanavian drama. lars von trier? HELL YEAH! bergman! of FUCKING course?! mikael hafstrom? darn TOOTIN

in my continuing quest to see every film in the criterion collection, i rented INSOMNIA. not the al pacino/robin williams film but the original scandanavian one with stellan skaarsgard who i always enjoy the presence of. i had waited a while to rent it because i hated the remake. at the time i credited this to the presence of sell out pacino and the increasingly irritating robin williams. he still owes me an apology for what dreams may come.

anyway, i didnt like the original either! why? it was noir-ish. dark. intruiging. expertly editing well written directed. well acted. so...what was the problem?

i dont know.

but that is the mystery of cinema...why we can catch movies that are essentially identical and love one; hate the other. perhaps if there is a japanese samurai remake of it ill give it a shot

i also didnt like heat. dont know why. didnt care for it.