Saturday, July 11, 2009

good film noir. so refreshing.

i love a good film noir. perhaps its because of the acting and the feel of the 40s (high pants fast talking etc). maybe its the sirens; gene tierney, ida lupino, or nina foch (yeah, she wasnt a star really but she is in the film in reviewing now)

MY NAME IS JULIA ROSS was recently shown on TCM as part of bob's picks; a collection of films specifically recommend by TCM legend and film historian robert osborne. before i go any further i want to talk about robert osborne and his delivery on his channel.

flow of movies on TCM

intro by osbourne

simple. effective.

if he REALLY loved the film, he will begin his outtro with a simple and succinct, 'great movie.' then he will say something sad and depressing about one of the stars, director, or the movie itself before carelessly segueing into the next movie theyre showing


judy holliday never got that big second chance that she was hoping for because she painfully died from breast cancer several years after the blastlisting...UP NEXT don knotts in the apple dumpling gang

come on bob, try to tie em together a little more. granted, he does occasionally pimp other similar films that TCM shows.

john wayne, john ford, and agnes moorehead all ended up dying from the cancer they developed as a result of shooting on this set...AND YOU CAN SEE all of their movies on TCM

back to review part.

right, my name is julia ross was directed by joseph h lewis, one of the more prominent film noir directors whose guncrazy is easily one of the greatest noirs ever made and one of the best films ever period. he was big on exploring psyche of his characters and does it well in movies like the big combo and the lady without a passport. not my name is julia ross though; that was just a simple and effective noir. girl gets suckered into being kidnapped by a creepy family and hijinks ensue. dame may whitty was in this! and she plays a villian!

this was about 65 minutes long and uses every minute of it effectively. not a second wasted! there are some great noir-ey twists and turns and whispers. all i can say is 'great movie.'

dame may whitty died soon after this film was made. we can only assume it was painful. UP NEXT on mise en meh, the cabbage patch kids movie.