Saturday, November 14, 2009

what are my least favorite criterion collection films?

every week on here, i usually post something praising the criterion collection for their awesome awesomeness. ive seen 94% of the collection and will complete it by the end of the next year. though ::SHOCK:: there have been criterion films i didnt like and some that i flat out hated. here is the list of films i flat out hated.

many consider this 1989 wim wenders film as one of the greatest movies ever made. i dont get it. its not bad perse but i found it incredibly dull and the fuzzy lens seemed a bit soap opera-ish

another "classic" that i just dont care for. i normally like spanish films from the 60s but i just found it boring though i always enjoy me some ana torrent regardless of how old she is (6-60, she can act!)

i normally love twisted depictions of sexuality and this S&M/WWII fetishistic movie should be right up my alley. but no, i hated it; almost to the point of anger and migraines. charlotte rampling was never so dull

i am referring to the original 1997 norweigan film though i also really didnt like the remake. i love stellan skaarsgard but this story, execution, and style seemed meh and boring.

the ultimate sleep aid. this was PAINFUL to watch. so boring. so very boring. it was like masterpiece theater! thats the idea though, right?

one genre that i normally never seem to enjoy is early 70s B movies. they just feel to trashy and weird. this is a fine example of a B movie that is just bad.

i hate john woo. ive never liked anything hes done. why would i like his hong kong actioner stuff? end of story

paul morrissey's 70s sexploitation "classics" were produced by the greatest art hack that ever lived -- andy warhol. i dont see the redeeming value of either of these.

an italian horror/drama/thriller done very smooth and sly though its not very good. this director never really did anything more interesting than this either.

director rene clair is considered one of the greatest directors of the first half of the 20th century and i never saw the big deal. some have said chaplin stole from him (which he did...a bit) but i think clair first stole from chaplin. still, didnt think this film was terribly funny

while im all about having kristy macnichol in the collection, this sam fuller directed tepid race drama is too heavy handed for serious watching.

why criterion? why?

the second most boring in the collection, this tale of a boy in a coal mining family in 1970s quebec is about as fascinating as it sounds.

thats it actually. these were the only films i gave 1 star to on netflix! i hate 13/502 films. not bad.