Wednesday, November 11, 2009

RECENT WATCHING 1st Half of November

oh my blog. oh my sweet little blog how i miss thee. there are so many ive wanted to write about but havent had the time or energy to do so. im going to write a real entry in a bit but just for my cataloging purposes, i want to summarize what ive watched recently (quite a few things!) that havent moved me enough to warrant a blog or their own.

i was never really that moved by apocalypse now and barely reacted to it though found it interesting from a historical kind of view. however, after seeing the documentary on the horrific making of, im amazed that it got made. so, i appreciate the movie more but am still left unimpressed by it in the end.

yet another highly questionable choice on the new york times top 1000 movies of all time list. this american film from the early 90s is about a woman who goes out west to make a new life and does. she endures hardship yadda yadda. this sucked. it was dull and poorly acted and profoundly uninteresting. NEXT

laurent catant's award winning biopic won heaps of awards last year and deservedly so. it is the essentially true story of a french teacher (who plays himself) and given that the story is based on his memoirs, there are buckets of truth in the film. its gritty, interesting, and plays like a good documentary. i was genuinely moved by this film

john's woo actioner from the early 90s stars chow yun fat and features the kind of stylized action that woo has become a joke for. yeah, i never liked john woo. i always thought his type of action films ushered in era of filmaking without substance. the plot of this is a bit more complex than that of face/off but it the sidegun battles were still wasted on me.

i was sick last week and i packed together a bunch of random films into 3 days. this was among the more random choices ive selected. based on the contraversial erotic novel of the 20s? 40s? 60s? the story of o is about a strange sex cult where sex is the sexiest and sweetest taboo. many have considered one of the most influential erotic films of all time and i can see that. however, it still doesnt make for very good watching for um...long periods if ya get ma drift! HAR

mind you, this is not the 1997 full length sling blade but the short film that inspired the movie. billy bob thorton plays OF COURSE the loveable karl childers, everyone's favorite biscuit loving lunatic murderer/misunstood manchild. an interesting watch as a supplement to the brilliant full length version. also, molly ringwald's in this! and its only 25 minutes long so you can watch it while your lawnmower is getting repaired at bill cox's outfit.

the randomness continues. this iranian film from ten years ago (told ya. its random) is a heartbreaking and painful watch, as are most iranian films (duh) but its also a superbly shot and wonderful story about a blind child and his struggle to be treatment as an equal and seen as a viable human in the eyes of his father. judging from its cinema, i think the country of iran needs a hug and a kitten to play with. HOWEVER, it has a happy ending (kind of)

im not watching this yet; im about halfway so note that my opinion might chance and if its does, ill repost. however, so far, i am very unimpressed by this. i remember that in '95, when it wasnt included in the oscar nominated documentaries (it was shut off), it was a huge controversy. i agree with the academy. its boring and definitely overlong. but that might change

the original, a tale of two sisters is one of my favorite horror movies of all time. the original korean film from a couple years ago was an astonishing, almost revelatory, horror/psychological thriller and beloved to me. so, when i heard that there was a remake, i of course wanted to write angry letters and plead with the directors not to make it. because im a masochist, i watched this and discovered the biggest shock of all; that i thought the remake was pretty good. dont get me wrong, its completely lacking the atmospheric tension and creepiness that made the original so brilliant but the remake works. i am going to credit the excellent cast, particularly the talents of emily browning, elizabeth banks, and david strathairn. yeah, im shocked. ok. now im going to write an actual blog on a single movie.