Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Steamy Foreign Sexual Awakening Dramas

that is what netflix claims to be a favorite genre of mine. well, that is certainly more detailed than 'independent' or 'drama.' despite briefly considering myself a pervert (i am), i started to look over some of the selections on it. of those, i was most intrigued by MAN, WOMAN, AND THE WALL. the plot is as follows: man moves into apartment and discovers that his neighbor is a possibly hot woman and begins to listen to her through their paper thin walls. in his mind, he imagines her looks, actions, what her apartment looks like, and her life in general. through some lite stalking, he tracks her schedule and is able to figure out where she works and actual begins to develop a real friendship with her as he continues to listen to her through the wall. meanwhile, the girl's boyfriend is a far creepier stalker who videotapes her in her apartment and makes voice masked harassing phone calls. the woman meanwhile has two stalkers only her neighbor has her best interests in mind and also comes off as one of the nicest and best intentioned stalkers ever. he might be the first truly sympathetic stalker character.

in many ways, id compare this to a low budget version of copolla's masterpiece 'the conversation,' with gene hackman. through technology, its possible to invade personal space like never before and some good could come of it. while man woman and the wall is not nearly as good as the conversation, its still an excellent film.

as the neighbors begins to fear the woman's boyfriend, there is a slow transition to actually help her get out of her relationship and not to necessarily be with him. he is a shy man and is torn between the woman he wants her to be and who she actually is.

also, as the film progresses, the inventions his mind created for her change to reality and less sexualized. eventually, she is simply another woman, granted a beautiful woman. its interesting that two different actresses play the neighbor; one that his mind created and one that actually lives there (after he discovers where she works). the first one is obviously more beautiful and porn star hot (surprise, the actress is actually a porn star!) but the neighbor in actuality is pretty damned hot too. the film would have been more real if the actress wasn't that good looking and perhaps a little more plain.

either way, this was 83 minutes of consistently interesting watching. thanks a lot netflix and i look forward to more "Steamy Foreign Sexual Awakening Dramas." While im at it, perhaps ill watch more "Visually Striking Dark Dramas," "Suspenseful Movies Based on Real Life,"and "German Shit Porn" i mean..."Movies of the 1920s to Watch Instantly"