Saturday, November 28, 2009


many consider this italian drama to be the best contemporary mafia film in recent history. released last year to tremendous accolades it was among the critical highlights of 2008. frankly, i dont see the big deal. it was well shot but i was frequently bored.
now were talkin'! this charming french comedy from the late 60s with michel simon is a sweet life affirmed comedy set against...nazi occupied france? told from the POV as a child in hiding, its really a sweet film about a boy and a rascist old man who acts as his surrogate grandpa in a time of instability.
Roman's polanski's 1981 period piece based on thomas hardy's classic movie tess of the d'ubervilles. boooooooooooooring. 3 hour period pieces are not my thing.
a movie made for the brothers and sisters tired of the man. melvin van peebles blaxploitation classic is legendary for its unapologetic depiction of race relations and unsimulated sex. the story behind this movie is just as interesting as the film itself. an odd curiousity, not a bad watch from a historical perspective.

generally, im a fan of 80s/90s japanese comedies but this one fell flat. very flat. perhaps it was a bit too dry and a little too satirical for my american eyes.

wow! what a jarmuschian film! that beind said, this is jim jarmusch's new movie and there is no mistaking it whatsoever. a bit like dead man in its obscurity but with a better delivery, control is mysterious and existential to a T. also, its got tilda swinton and bill murray in small roles. DONE

american b horror movies are getting good and with the runaway success of paranormal activity, i hope that this trend will continue. the lost is an above average unsettling horror flick from 06 and begins with a nude erin brown aka misty mundae followed by some unique direction and creepiness. what else do you need?

i hope to dedicate a whole blog to this but for now ill say that there is one of the best films of 09 ive seen. it is intensely well written and informative. porn star sascha grey delivers a magnificent performance that is subtle, realistic, and understated. i really have become to expect a lot from steven soderbergh.

the director of this film denys arcand is the greatest quebecoise director in history. his films jesus of montreal and the oscar winning barbarian invasions are masterpieces. this is not. its not bad but plays like woody allen lite. unless you want to watch a bunch of intellectuals talk about sex 90 minutes, id give it a miss

let no one say that i am not a rex harrison fan but this 1944 drama from the same text as the king and i is incredibly wince worthy rascist. harrison is no thai king and while i always enjoy a little irene dunne, i maintain that the 1950s musical is far better

peter o'toole in his prime highlight this delightful satirical english comedy from the 70s. the film is a bold statement on the uselessness of the british monarchy and is a scatching political indictment. all of the acting in this top notch and makes you wonder why o'toole hasnt won an oscar yet!

speaking of actors in their prime, this 1980 walter matthau political comedy is also pretty damn top notch. centered an embittered ex-FBI agent, he sets out to make fools out of the entire department. funny and charming as ever, matthau is simply a joy to watch.

we go back to 1929 for a look at a classic silent film that has held up very well. this tale of revenge, jealousy, and murder (most foul) stars anne mae wong, the first american asian star and some other people. its a shame wong isnt a bigger name as she was extraordinarily beautiful and charismatic. this is one of her best performances.

i just finished this one! i love early jimmy stewart movies and this 1940 drama is unheralded treasure of a film. directed by the great frank borzage, storm is about a german family who struggles against the early reign of hitler. one of the first anti-nazi films, the film makes a powerful statement and could be considering a polarizing piece of media in terms of american involvement in the war.

yeah, this is the mouse with big ears movie with matthew broderick as said mouse. im not sure why i watched this. it looked cute. it was boring. i dont think it was meant for people who watch the mortal storm.

if zoey deschanel keeps making movies where she sings, im going to watch every movie she makes. singing aside, this was actually not a bad watch. jim carrey goes rubber faced again and i think i missed that. all in all, not a bad way to kill 90 minutes.

another best of 08 film getting a dvd release. unlike gomorrah, this is an intense film. first time director steve mcqueen (not bullitt) packs an intense punch in this political drama. stark, bleak, and effective cinema verite, this is a dark film but tells an important story.

WHEW. caught up. there are probably more films in there but these are all i can track