Friday, December 18, 2009

Favorite Movies: 2000-2009 (100-76)

here we go! the top 100 favorite films of mine this weekend. im going to post links or youtube videos just the name and a brief few words about why they belong on here. if they look interesting look em up

100. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
one of the ingenious comedy action films of the decade. for a brief moment we remembered that val kilmer is funny and were reminded that robert downey jr (the 90s were not his decade) is a force to be reckoned with

99. Inglorious Basterds
definitely one of the standard films of 2009 and continues tarantino's streak of perfection. between hans lambda and the amazing opening scene, this is definitely going to stand the test of time

98. The Edge of Heaven
turkish director faith akin's follow to head on was almost as good. the sparse gentle and subtle social drama hinged on non traditional relationships and dysfunction. akin is one to watch in the years to come

97. Russian Ark
alexander sukurov's russian masterpiece is one continuous shot. that means the 87 minutes of the movie was done in 1 take. challenging every convention of cinema and logic, he pulls it off and creates a grand world of his own that transcends time

96. Spirited Away
a surprise best animated film winner (that is, if you didnt see it) from the mid 00's. this film was one of the highest japanese films ever and continues director hiyao miyazaki's string of masterpieces though this still wasnt as good as princess mononoke

95. Master and Commander: The Far Side of The World
im really disappointed that this was a box office bust as it really had a potential to be a great series. russell crowe and paul bettany were both excellent and while director peter weir saved the seafaring genre, it didnt make very much money

94. Scotland, PA
im going to have a bunch of obscure movies on here you wont see on critics list and this is one of them. a forgotten adaption of macbeth set in the 1970s with the beginning of fast food drive thru restaurants. maura tierney was a perfect lady macbeth and this entire thing needs to be seen by more people

93. You Can Count on Me
and so we received mark ruffalo, who was supposed to be the next great actor...and then he made some really bad decisions (view from the top? in the cut?) but i will still remember him for his excellent performance here (and in eternal sunshine)

92. The Descent
the british could make horror movies? who knew? this decade will not be remembered for good horror movies. in fact, there are remarkably few good ones but this is a keeper. caves, darkness, monsters, suspense. done.

91. Once
everyone knows that the british isles know music and this irish production is a simple, sweet, earnhest and wholesome film with some of the most memorable songs of the decade. um... the british isles is the UK ireland and surrounding islands, right?

90. Before Sunset
im putting my romantic dramas back to back i guess. i did enjoy before sunrise but found it a bit syrupy to be taken truly seriously. sunset though is a more mature and appropriately bleak follow up with one of my favorite endings of the 00's

89. Winged Migration/The Travelling Birds
hey look! its birds and theyre flying! i saw this documentary and wanted to become a bird or at least ride in contraptions that make me look like i was flying (they use these crazy ass bird mimic things to film! its crazy!)

88. Story of the Weeping Camel
and apparently im putting animal documentaries back to back. this is a mongolian doc from 2003 about a camel who rejects her calf and villagers attempts to get the mother to take it back. its incredibly sad for most of it and incredibly sweet by the end.

87. Good Bye, Lenin!
a hit film from germany, this really deserved to win best foreign film at the oscars. it was everything a good movie should be - well acted, directed, with a great story. this farce is about a son trying to prevent his 'recent recovered from a heart attack' mother from finding out about the fall of communism

86. Man Without a Past
its time for another OBSCURE foreign film. finnish director aki kaurismaki is known only in HARDCORE film circles. he directs very short feature length fims (75-80) with very little dialogue and dry as a bone comedy. if you can appreciate his style then most of his films are wonderful little tales. man without a past is among his best

85. Brokeback Mountain

84. Turtles Can Fly
one of many iranian movies on my list, a country i am continually impressed with in terms of filmmaking. this is about a boy who installs satellite dishes to small towns so that can receive news about the recent US invasion of Iraq.

83. Abnormal Beauty
OBSCURE psychological horror film from japan directed by the pang brothers (the eye). starring 2 japanese pop stars in the lead, this is a dark and twisted film about photographing the beauty of the perverse and violent...including DEATH!

82. No Country for Old Men
a divisive film. everyone i know either loves it (majority) or hated it. clearly, i am in the first one and given my love for the coen brothers, its not surprising. also, this movie gave us anton chigurh, one of the most memorable villians of all time

81. Signs
theres a monster in my room can i have a glass of water? -- one of my favorite opening lines of all time. im not sure if anyone loved this film as much as i did but i found it unique and often pretty damn terrifying. i really hope m night shyalaman makes more movies like this and not about things like killer wind

80. Requiem for a Dream
did anyone see this and feel completely hollow and empty afterward? i did. even thinking about the horrific last few scenes, i want to cuddle my cats and not let go. so affective and so devastating

79. Blackboards
another iranian movie AND one of only 2 films directed by women on this list! samira akhmalbaf (daughter of legendary iranian director mohsen) made this simple and movie film about roving teachers trying to teach illiterate boys in villages how to read, write, and do math. they travel with blackboards on their back and continue despite not having very much luck.

78. May
one of my favorite horror directors to pop up this decade is lucky mckee. he did the woods, sick girl, and this, a film i consider a modern horror masterpiece. this shows on IFC a lot if you get tha channel, i just recommend watching it.

77. Lives of Others
the best foreign film oscar winner of a couple years ago, this beat pan's labyrinth and rightfully so. this film is epic in many ways. im getting sick of writing so ill just sum it up by saying, its german, about the east/west divide and ends happily

76. Capturing the Friedmans
wrapping up this set of bests is one of my favorite documentaries of the last 10 years. about a seemingly normal family, the doc investigates the father for strange sexually perverse crimes that may or may not have happened. one of the most interesting examples of non biased filmmaking ive seen in recent years, it gets my hearty nod for filmmaking in a real and not exploitative ways