Thursday, December 31, 2009

Favorite Movies: 2000-2009 (10-6)

10. Munich
i never thought that i would the phrase 'severely underrated' and 'steven speilberg' in relation to each other. but yes, this is a steven speilberg movie that is incredibly UNDERrated. i didnt like ET, AI, minority report, war of the worlds--im not really much of a speilberg fan. in fact, i find his films sappy and insipid most of the time. unless the films are about jews apparently. schindler's list didnt pull any punches and that was an unquestionable masterpiece. munich is not alone a great film about jews but also about palestinians. the film, about the secret retaliation of the israeli government of a palestinian planned kidnap-murder of israeli athletes in the 1972 olympics, is a gripping and well executed movie with an even greater morale and lesson. while i was fully expecting speilberg to say 'palestine is bad. israel is good,' he took a more controversial and i think, more relevant stance. that is, he said that both sides are right AND wrong. it was their constant warring that is tearing apart the social dynamic in not just their part of the world but the world in general. this deserved more awards attention than it got and i think because it didnt take the obvious stance that it was perceived as anti-israel by some. frankly, this is just as ridiculous as thinking that dinosaurs exist on an island off the coast of costa rica.

rather than post a clip from the movie, i decided to an interesting interview with spielberg about the film

9. A Tale of Two Sisters
throughout the aughts, we had a lot of horror movies come out all the world. the worldwide popularity of J and K-horror films scared a lot of people and with these brilliant original films came the shitty remakes that besmirched the originals reputations. this film, (called Janghwa, Hongryeon in korean) is not only the best horror movie ive ever seen but among the best ive seen period. even the american remake, the uninvited (with emily browning and elizabeth banks) was pretty good! what made the original so fantastic was a perfect combination of drama, mystery, and horror. there were a few very well planned scary ghost and things pop out moments that were extraordinarily well timed. one of the downfalls with most horror films is that it relies on scary 'things popping out' rather than setting up an aire of mystery that is genuinely frightening. this is a scary stepmother, psychological unrest, and haunted house movie in one and and the trademark horror movie twist was actual a real surprise. for me, this sets the standard for horror movies. it was beautifully shot and perfectly executed and i want everyone to see this. NOW. so i pasted the first part below. WATCH THE WHOLE DAMN THING! (subtitled)

8. Head-On
turkish director (hold on keep reading, ill be talking about porn in a second) faith akin's the edge of heaven (discussed earlier in this list) is one of the most exciting directors to watch for the coming decade. head-on is the story of two social misfits recently out of a mental hospital after attempting suicide and failing. the film is a beautiful story of love developing in very unlikely situations and between two people who would seem unfit for any love in general. however, there is an interesting story behind the film. the performance of sibel kekilli, the female lead, won several major MAJOR acting awards around the world. soon after, it was discovered that she was a major MAJOR adult film star. if you google her name, you will see a hell of a lot of naked pictures of a rather explicit nature. why am i bringing this up? mainly to get you guys to keep reading but just to remind all of you that brilliant actresses are everywhere and that you shouldnt judge. in my opinion of the most interesting actresses around is named erin brown. she used to do soft core porn under the name misty mundae and is now a sort of b-horror movie actress. all she needs is a good role and a great director and she can be the next sibel kekilli. i know i went a bit on a tangent on that one and but i assure all of you that this is one the finest international films of the last 10 years.

7. Garden State
what!? garden state!? 7th best movie of the decade? no. it is not the 7th BEST movie of the decade. it is my 7th FAVORITE movie of the decade. for me garden state is an intensely personal film. the issues that zach branf's character deals with i can relate to very closely. as a former NJ ex-pat, i did have a lot of issues with my family that kept me away from my homestate for years. and while i did became a minor celebrity or work in a posh asian restaurant that sells ketel one vodka drinks, i had brief success and then failure as a musician and was working and cleaning up in a lab to make money. so there were a lot of parallels i saw between the film and me. i saw a few times in theater and while it wasnt the movie that directly caused me to patch up my relationship with my parents, it was a factor. unfortunately, whilst in new jersey i never met a natalie portman epileptic who introduced me to the shins. for the records, i LOVE the shins and i did BEFORE garden state and i was definitely irritated by all the extra attention. so yeah, i loved this movie. its twee and romantic and inspirational and like...nick and nora's infinite playlist + MORE indie. mmm...

6. Kill Bill
yes i am including this as one entry. yes i am a huge tarantino fan. yes i have watched these movies a dozen times. yes the first movie i ever went to see alone was vol 2 at 11 am on a friday. i regret nothing. here is my favorite scene. its the last one but its perfect: