Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 9: York or Welcome to the North

i dont have much time to write as my internet pass expires in 13 minutes. i wasted way too much time on twitter and the criterion message board. right:


- went to BATH: amazing oustanding medieval roman city. toured the baths which is actually a working roman spa and bath. everything is remarkably reserved. drank spa water with 47 minerals. its a little metallic

- went to STRATFORD ON AVON: birthplace of shakespeare, home of some truly old and still standing 15th century houses. birthplace of shakespeare was cool old house but the museum was rather interesting

- went to NOTTINGHAM for dinner: nothing here except "trip to jerusalem", the oldest pub in england, dating back to 1150. ate a ploughman's and cathy had the oldest prawn cocktail in england (thanks sian)

- arrived in YORK

- walked around york. need more time to write about it

off to edinburgh tomorrow. will type review of york then. on the way up, we are stopping at a castle whose name i forgot and hadrian's wall