Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 7: last day in Cardiff; too many sad goodbyes

Somehow this trip is half over and ive already to bid farewell to many of my dearest friends. There should be a cap as to how many people one can say goodbye too in this small a period. At this point, I have said 11 sad goodbyes and have one more to go in the later part of the trip. Staying with friends for half of the trip sounded like a great idea when in theory but its much easier to say goodbye to a comfortable and impersonal hotel room than it is to say goodbye to friends who opened their homes for you.

This evening, I had some tough ones. I said goodbye to people I only met but knew for a while. others i know excruciatingly well and some i wish to know better. either way, there is not enough time. in that respect, i wish i was in hotels. that way, i could only look to upcoming destinations than looking back thinking about the times i missed with my dearest friends

that is the problem with having your heart stuck in two continents. i have two lives -- one in boston and in the UK and its heartbreaking to think that they never be one.

well enough melancholy.

yesterday, still terrified of driving, we went to caerphilly castle (ca-philly) north of cardiff. the castle is among the oldest in europe and the second largest in the UK behind windsor. the ruins were remarkably preserved and from the top of the walls gave some fantastic views out on the area into the valleys around. after that, we went to llancaiach fwar (sp?). this is a welsh historic manner that is set in period. in other words, one is transported through time to the 16th century where the guides only know of their world and not of such things as tea and density. i had a fantastic time confusing periods of history and trying to engage them in conversation typical to their period. or a period. or phrases i just made up that sounded ye olde (like 'i forsook the cuppence' 'rubadub'). good times. after, we went up a mountain and i had a bit of a frolic (pics to come).

then back to wales where we met up with @sianz and @anna_seren for welsh sushi which is wool covered in fish scales. ok, it was actually real sushi with fish and stuff. it was quite good though i dont think think new york (or japan or boston or seattle) has anything to worry about. better than jersey or philly though.

today we went to THE BIG PIT, an UNESCO world heritage site that is literally, a big pit. coal pit. we descended 100 meters into the ground to the UKs oldest working coal mine and received a guided tour from an actual coal miner. they put miners helmets on my head and everything! we went with a childrens school group which sadly were not left behind to work in the mines. pity. however, i did purchase a coal sheep in the gift; a nice consolation.

the plan after that was to go to the ancient city of bath but it was late, wet, and rainy so we went into downtown cardiff. after all, it would be kinda strange if cathy stayed 3 nights in cardiff without actually seeing the city. so in we went and walked around the downtown, civic center, arcades, and took a tour of cardiff castle. its not as impressive as caerphilly but nice nontheless.

for dinner, liz and james got take away from a real bonafide chip shop. since neither of us have had fish n chips on this trip, it seemed only appropriate. not only did i have fish n chips but i had a welsh clarks pie! whats in it? meat. and onions. and a little brown sauce. the meal was outstanding! the chips were french fries, they were slightly smaller than potato wedges and not the least processed. they were actual potatoes cut up! novel concept, eh?

finally, we all went out and met sian, anna, @sarah_nicholas and @lozhamer for a small tweet up at buffalo bar where we had the pleasure of seeing two great bands off merge records: the rosebuds and telekinesis. the former played without mics on the dance with just the singer and the accordian player; a very different type of set from what i am used to seeing from them or anyone else. telekinesis, whose principal member michael i have a mutual friend with, was fantastic. his album (s/t) is one of my favorite albums of 2009 and their live show was amazing. all 8 people in my party enjoyed it. now im here sleeping in the bed of death getting ready for a couple sad goodbyes in the morning and then a fun day in bath, startford, and york!

why the bed of death? because it is the most comfortable bed in the world and one falls into a death life sleep. speaking of which, my atavin is kicking in and i am losing the ability to type.

so, to finalize, i would like to clone myself and send him to work in the US and ill make do here because that is the only way a dual life between my two spatial loves can happen