Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 1: London

ive been up for a while. 40 hours or so. i just got from dinner with zoey and the cath and fading fast. however, i am going to try to write a lil sumpin' up about this lovely day 1 of london. traveling a red eye overnight goes in several different stages:

- on the flight, not sleepy gives way to boredom which gives way to periodic sleep
- seriously, im like a cat. i tried to fool myself and intentionally didnt watch movies on the in flight entertainment dealie so i can be bored and sleep. it sorta worked. i figured watching TV shows was a good compromise (flight of the conchords, spaced, and peep show -- 90m. crap)

- next, off the plane there is a feeling of disorientation most of the time. when us americans travel to other countries and suddenly its a day later and there are foreign languages all over the place, its a little disorienting. when going to england, everyone just sounds polite. god bless that accent. too bad its not scottish

- arrival into center, reinvigorated. i prefer to brush teeth, wash face, carry on semblage of normalcy which works until the day is a few hours and the first of many crashes begin

alright now, what i did in between crashes?

1. went to westminster abbey: saw a lot of tombs, took the audio tour. when i was there in january, i didnt have much time and had to bust on through without actually observing much. having seen it for 2 hours i can assure all of you that it is not a waste of time or money and charles darwi is buried there!? WTF!? see christians, evolution founder in church. teach it to students. suck it.

2. went to buckingham palace. this may not seem like a big deal and it really isnt but its only open 2 months of the years for visitors. after all, the queen is probably having crazy sex orgies -- randy old girl. yeah, that place may not look like from the outside but inside its definitely a bit impressive, what with the rococo frescoes, guilded EVERYTHING, and rubens paintings scattered about, its definitely a site to behold.

ok, that is day 1. tomorrow is day 2. there will bemore things and hopefully less traveler's GI issues